Downstream fermentation.

Downstream fermentation.


Our modes for purification by chromatography include Ion exchange, Hydrophobic interaction (HIC), size exclusion, affinity, and mixed mode.

Our column and bioprocessing equipment covers columns sized from 1L to 200L and a range of control systems, including GE Bioprocess, ÄKTA™ process, ÄKTA™ pure, ÄKTA™ ready, single use chromatography and single use Mobius® mixing systems. We routinely conduct chromatography media cycle testing.


Once purified, we offer a range of product lyophilization options, such as bulk or vials, at scales from 6L (trial lyophilizer) for development and cycle optimization before scaling to 100L (2 x 100L lyophilizers).

Alternatively, product can be prepared in liquid format, either as bulk or in vials with an option to perform filling in a laminar flow hood in ISO 8 and using automated vial filling, if required. Our storage options cover -80°C, -20°C, 2 – 8°C, and ambient conditions.

Your bespoke process.

Our CDMO capabilities cover process development and transfer, manufacturing, and associated quality assurance and project management.

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